April 17, 2015

Friday Feature: Dana, RCIS

 Dana, RCIS (Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist)
A typical shift is 10-12 hours in the Cath Lab and Peripheral Lab.
My skills are putting stents in the heart, carotids, kidneys and other vessels, extracting blood clots ,and drilling calcified lesion within the heart.
What I love most about my job is saving lives. It is very rewarding work to stop a heart attack and restore blood flow by opening blocked arteries. It is also wonderful restoring blood flow in a patient's leg to prevent amputation. 
I love my KimKaps. I wear them all the time and get compliments on them daily. 

Thanks so much, Dana!
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April 10, 2015

Friday Feature: Linda, CST

Linda is a CST and sometimes she's at The Birthing Center doing C Sections all day. Linda has been a CST for 12 years and works in the OR covering the Obstetrics department as well. 
She has been a Kim Kap user for 10 years !!!
A typical day for her in the birthing center is to arrive by 6:45, go over case carts, pull suture for Dr preference. 
She scrubs 3-4 C sections before lunch and a C section with tubal ligation after a lunch break. She then picks case carts for the following day and go over Dr preference cards for following day!
Thanks Linda, and thanks for being such a loyal KimKapper!

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April 3, 2015

Friday Feature: Jessica, Certified Surgical Technologist

 I work day shift Mon-Friday at a Plastic Surgeon surgery center. Skills required are education from a program to become a Surgical Technologist. Certification isn't required but very preferred! Basic instrument skills and sterile technique on how to properly scrub.
I love plastics! The idea to recreate someone's look is amazing! I also love helping breast cancer patients! It is a very rewarding job!

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March 31, 2015

Medical Mission: Haiti

We received these photos from a KimKapper who recently traveled to Haiti on a Medical Mission. She trained local nurses and took along some KimKaps to help brighten things up a bit. If you'd like to receive a donation of Kaps for your upcoming Medical Mission, email us at kim@kimkaps.com with your name, shipping address, and where/when you're going.

March 30, 2015

Medical Mission: Ecuador

 Blanca’s House is an organization of volunteers that brings free medical services and healthcare education to communities in Latin America. Last week 55 volunteers traveled to Guayaquil, Ecuador for our 28th mission trip. We performed 63 surgeries and also saw several hundred patients for medical exams.
I shared your KimKaps with my daughter, who accompanied me, as well as fellow volunteers and a few of the OR staff at our host hospital. 
Everyone loved them!
Don't we look cute in our KimKaps????
Thank you again for your generous donation to our mission trip,
Ann Marie

March 29, 2015

Friday Feature: Jessica, RN

  Jessica,  RN at The Skin Surgery Center
 I work 10 hour day shifts removing skin cancer. We process the tissue on site and repair the defect all in the same day. 
The nurses are taught how to inject the local anesthesia and sew at this facility. We follow the patients throughout their day and ultimately send them home cancer free. Everyone compliments our cute hats and they put a smile on our patients faces! 

Thanks Jessica!
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March 20, 2015

Friday Feature: Kate, Nurse Anesthesia Student

My name is Kate and I'm a nurse anesthesia student. This picture is of some of my classmates and I this morning-from top left going clockwise: Wendy, Aubrey, me and Alex.

A day as an SRNA usually starts at 0530; we get in early to set up our rooms, check the anesthesia machine, draw up meds and go see the first patient in pre-op. The day ends whenever our room is finished or whenever our preceptor says we can leave; it all depends what cases are going on. Right now I'm on my neuro rotation, and today I had 3 craniotomies. It was awesome!

What I love about this "job"...well we aren't getting paid so I'll call it a role :)   I love that there are so many ways to give anesthesia and also many variations in what techniques and medications you pick based on your patients issues. It keeps things from getting boring, AND we have KimKaps to accessorize our scrubs!

Thanks Kate!
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March 13, 2015

Friday Feature: Kayla and Shana-Surgical Techs

Our typical day in a small hospital is come in and do our daily rounds in getting instruments from other departments that need to be cleaned and sterilized. Then we set up for our first case of the day, by bringing all the supplies and instruments in the case and open all of it. We usually have colonoscopies and EGDs to do after surgeries are all done. After that we have to clean up our area and get everything ready for the next day. For a small town hospital as a surgical tech we are also housekeepers, central supply, and instrument washers, we do lots!!! Our favorite part is we love our team! We love the people we work with!!! We are way more than just coworkers, we are family! Our favorite part also is being in surgeries, of course we are surgical techs!

Thanks Ladies!
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March 6, 2015

Friday Feature: Kellie RN, CNOR, STAFF RN

 Meet one of our fabulous KimKappers, Kellie!
She is a day shift RN and works 10 hour shifts, primarily in neurosurgery. Her day consists of a lot of back and neck fusions and brain tumors.
Kellie has been an OR RN for 16 years and would never go back to the floor. In 16 years she has seen many changes in the technology used in her field, of which Kellie says, "Change is hard, but good. I love change!" Being a part of something that will help people is what she loves the most about her job.

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