June 19, 2015

Kaps for Cancer

 Lisa, an OR manager, sent us an email regarding one of the OR circulators who was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and would be undergoing aggressive chemo and a bilateral mastectomy. Lisa wrote this about Robin:

"Robin has been the clinical heart of our small OR for the past 6 years. This has been a devastating blow to our OR family and we all want to show our support on a daily basis, especially when our brave Robin comes back to work.

Of course we wanted to help Robin's coworkers show their support to her during this trying time, and they selected our HUGS caps with a cute coordinating polka dot band and had Robin's initials embroidered on them as well. 
After receiving the caps Lisa wrote in to tell us:

"We participated in Medline's Pink Glove Dance wearing them today!!! From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate the  hats and the monogramming. Thanks again for helping us show Robin how much we love her!!"

Robin, we wish you the best. What an amazing group of people you have rallying around you!

June 9, 2015

Medical Mission: Philippines

ISMS Team ENT mission to Cavite, Philippines

After a grueling 38 hours journey, leaving JFK in a blizzard, ISMS TEAM ENT arrived in Cavite in the Southern Louzon province of the Philippines. Our team was met with a deluge of giant thyroid tumors and head and neck pathology. Our ENT Head and Neck Surgeons faced some of the largest goiters we had ever seen and we were challenged with many thyroid cancer cases. 
Many of the cases lasted 3-4 hours in length and our team’s stamina was put to the test. While we ran 2 operating rooms with head and neck pathology, our Plastic Surgeon was handling the many cleft lip and palate surgeries that were from the area in and around Manila as well as patients who traveled for several hours from the hurricane leveled city of Tacloban for our help. 

Our team was challenged to the fullest with a 6.5 hour parotid tumor resection and reconstruction that required the skills of all 4 surgeons due to its complexity. 

The people of the Philippines were welcoming and wished our speedy return.

June 8, 2015

Medical Mission: Guatemala

  We've recently had the opportunity to send several Kaps along to Guatemala with Angela, a KimKapper who is traveling with the organization Faith In Practice. She writes:
"It is an honor to join the doctors, nurses, surgical technicians, etc. who give their time and skills for such an amazing opportunity, to bring a better quality of life to someone in need."
 You can follow their service on their blog HERE and for more info on how you can receive a donation of Kaps for your upcoming Medical Mission email us at kim@kimkaps.com

Medical Mission: Mexico

 My name is Heather and I go on an annual mission trip to San Miguel, Mexico where we perform orthopedic surgery for children that  otherwise would not be able to have it done.
Cerebral palsy, club feet, hip dysplasia, and spina bifida are some of the disorders we see. we go for 8 days and operate for 4-5 very full, long days.
Other days are spent in the makeshift clinic. Much of the apparel we take down there, scrubs, shoes, etc. we donate to the hospital staff in Mexico that help organize the trip, feed us, and allow us to stay in their homes.
It's an amazing trip and I loved taking some of your hats for both the mission crew and the local people. The scrub caps were awesome, the Kids First crew loved them and so did the hospital staff from San Miguel.
The Kids First mission trip to San Miguel Mexico was an absolute success! We performed 67 surgeries in 4 days!!

June 5, 2015

Successful Separation of Conjoined Twins in Haiti

  At KimKaps we love donating our fun scrub caps to Medical Missions and we recently had the opportunity to play a small part in an historic procedure which resulted in the successful separation of twins in Haiti. We were contacted by Mimi with a request for color-coded caps that were organized by team to provide efficiency in a hectic situation. The story aired on CBS Evening News and can be found HERE 
We received this photo and an email regarding the trip as well as the broadcast:
 Two weeks ago, an 18-person medical team left CHLA on a medical mission to Haiti. Henri Ford, MD, MHA, vice president, surgeon-in-chief and chair of the Department of Surgery, led an international team of clinicians in a complex, seven-hour surgery to separate conjoined twin girls, Marian and Michelle. Among the caregivers who participated in this historic event, 18 members were from CHLA and Keck Medicine of USC and 12 members were from Haiti.
The surgery was a success and the girls, now just over six months, are progressing through their recovery well. Local media covered the surgery as a source of national pride—an acknowledgment that Haiti is progressing towards full recovery from the earthquake it experienced in 2010 and that it has reached a new milestone in its ability to care for its people. We believe that CBS’ national coverage of this historic effort will highlight the impact of CHLA’s mission on an international scale.

President and Chief Executive Officer
 Mimi also emailed in to say:
"I just wanted to again extend my deepest thanks to KimKaps. The medical mission to separate conjoined twins, Michelle and Marian in Haiti was a great success. The caps truly made a difference, we cannot thank you enough for your generosity and speedy timing!!"

June 3, 2015

Medical Mission: Zimbabwe

 At KimKaps we love to send along cute scrub caps on Medical Missions, these fun caps help add color and a sense of comfort within clinics and hospitals visited on these trips.
We recently partnered with Jennifer, a KimKapper who was preparing to travel to Zimbabwe with 
Operation of Hope
Read more about their recent mission by clicking HERE 
For more info on how you can receive a donation of KimKaps for an upcoming Medical Mission, email us at kim@kimkaps.com with your name, shipping address, and where/when you're going

May 26, 2015

Medical Mission: San Jan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic

 Thank you so much for your donation.  I returned yesterday from a one week medical mission to San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic.  While my team was there, we set up medical clinics in rural villages each day.  The area has a clinic that is used for surgeries performed by visiting medical teams, and minor surgeries performed by the local medical staff.  The nurses there were absolutely delighted to receive your gift of scrub hats to freshen their look and uplift their spirits.
Bless you for your generosity,
Laurie, RN

May 15, 2015

Friday Feature: Rachel, Certified Surgical Technologist

 My name is Rachel and I'm a Certified Surgical Technologist. I work at a small community hospital in my hometown. We have 5 OR rooms, 2 endoscopy suites, and an additional OR used just for C-sections. A typical day for me starts at 6:45 am and goes until 3:15 pm. Any additional cases added after that is done by the crew on-call for the day. I scrub a variety of specialties that include ENT, Plastics, GYN, General, Ortho, C-sections, and endoscopies. At 6:45 am, I find out what cases I'm scrubbing for the day and who my staff is. I head to my OR, do a quick damp dusting of the room, and grab my case cart for the first case of the day. After opening all sterile supplies I scrub, gown and glove, and begin setting up for my case. Depending on what specialty I'm scrubbing for the day, determines how many cases I do that day. I'm also responsible for getting my instruments to CS, cleaning and turning over my OR, outdating and putting supplies away, and pulling cases and supplies for the next day. I also sterilize endoscopes. I love my job! I love that every day is different and brings it's own rewards and challenges, and I love my surgeons and co-workers. We're all a close knit group and work well together. 

May 8, 2015

Friday Feature: Heather, Surgical Tech

I love coming to work and helping others. I work in a small town hospital where I work in the OR and in Central Supply, I pick instruments from the rest of the hospital and the OR, clean and wrap them, set up for my cases for the day which are surgical and scopes, then after all the cases are finished we get the OR ready for the next day. My OR team is the best I couldn't ask for a better team, we're like a big family.

Thanks Heather!
If YOU would like to be featured, here's some info on how you can participated and be ENTERED TO WIN a KimKap!

May 5, 2015

The Possibilities are Endless with Custom Embroidery!

Here's a quick run through on how to personalize your KimKap with our Custom Embroidery option:
First, visit www.kimkaps.com and Shop for KimKaps 
You'll need to select the style you'd like and then the fabric.
When you click on the fabric, you'll see this:
 Click on Add custom embroidery and you'll have these options:
 Here are examples of the available fonts and monograms to choose from:
 You can also see examples of the placement and color options when you're checking out.Please keep the following in mind when selecting the color of the embroidery:
*It's best to choose a contrasting thread color to offset the embroidery so that it doesn't blend in too much with the color or print of the fabric.
 *If you've chosen one of the busier prints, embroidery may not be the best option for that particular Kap and you may want to add it to something else or select one of the bolder fonts:
Custom Embroidery is a fun and creative way to further express yourself and add even more personality and flair to your scrub caps!
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing us at kim@kimkaps.com