November 11, 2015

Medical Mission: Guatemala

Allison recently returned from a Medical Mission to Guatemala and we were able to send along some KimKaps to brighten things up a bit. For more information on how you can receive a donation of Kaps for an upcoming Medical Mission, email 

November 10, 2015

Medical Mission: Colombia

      Thank you so much for your donation of Kaps. I shared the 10 cute caps, plus 4 of my own KimKaps, with the nurses in the Burn ICU at Hospitál Simón Bolívar in Bogotá, Colombia. I went to this unit for the second time with Physicians for Peace. Our goal over the week was to help empower the multidisciplinary burn team to communicate and work as an effective team. These nurses work so hard. Last year they loved the KimKaps I wore (which I left there for them), so I'm really glad this year I was able to bring some more for them. They look so cute!

Thank you, Zoe, for your hard work and dedication to the people of Colombia, we know your efforts make a big difference in their lives and we are grateful to play a small role in that.

If you would like information on how you can receive a donation of Kaps for an upcoming Medical Mission, email with your shipping address and let us know where/when you're going.

October 26, 2015

Medical Mission: Peru

 We're loving these photos from Rene's releft lip and palate Medical Mission to Coya, Peru with Opecent cration Rainbow!
For info on how you can receive a donation of Kaps for a Medical Mission, email

October 17, 2015

Medical Mission: Mexico

  Hi Kim, 
I just wanted to say thank you for the Kimkaps donation to Children's Surgery International Mission in Hermosillo MX. We touched the lives of 52 children in 3 days of surgery. The team and local staff LOVED their Kimkaps.
Thanks again for your donation. It was greatly appreciated.

At KimKaps, we love being part of Medical Missions-if you're heading out on one, email for more info on how you can receive a donation of Kaps to take along!

August 25, 2015

A long, blonde, curly-haired wig

When we heard about this adorable 8 (almost 9) year old boy who spent 2 years growing out his hair to donate, we just had to tell you all about him!
 Meet Ramberg, aka Boogie, who was inspired at just 6 years old when his cousins Lexi & Izy donated their hair. His mom quotes him on July 22, 2013 as having said
Someone would just love a curly haired wig!"
The hair needed to be at least 12 inches and during the process he was called a girl more times than he could count, but that didn't stop Boogie from being determined to grow out his hair. He said that his favorite thing about having long hair was 
"Rubbing it on my back and when people would play with it", 
but it was difficult having to get the soap out and brush it. 
He would love for whomever receives the hair to know that it came from a boy.
Boogie feels "Happy and excited that someone without hair will be able to have hair," and if you're considering donating he'd love for you to know that "It's fun to donate your hair because other people that will get to have your hair, will feel happy because it was thoughtful of you."
Boogie's mom describes him as being "amazing at Legos and anything artsy. He truly is incredibly talented. His creative mind is a huge part of him and he is always impressing people with it. 
He has been a giver since he was a toddler
He loves to give away his artwork and anything he has to give. He was definitely sent here to share his love of life and love of people. He is kind, a good boy that makes many good choices. We are proud of him and his accomplishments, I admire his courage to stand strong through this experience by blessing another."

When we asked him if he would consider growing his hair out again, Boogie said "Maybe." We're sure that whomever receives the wig made from your gorgeous locks will appreciate their "long, blonde, curly haired wig!"

August 7, 2015

KimKaps Ambassadors: Mary Beth

We work in the OR in Anniston, Alabama. I am a nurse anesthetist and receiving Kaps were all the female anesthesia department and a couple of our friends who are circulating RN's and the fabulous Charge Nurse!

August 5, 2015

KimKaps Ambassadors: Haley

On a typical day you can usually find me doing a DaVinci or an ENT case as those are my two specialties. If I'm not scrubbed in, I help with turnovers or pulling case carts for the following day. I'm so glad I won this contest and could share my love of KimKaps with my coworkers who also love them ! Our scrubs are so bland, so we love to style them up with your hats ! Thanks so much !

July 23, 2015

KimKaps Ambassadors: Anita

I'm Anita and I work as a nurse anesthetist in a hospital's operating room and surgery center.
I consider myself truly lucky that I get to work with such a genuinely dedicated group of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare personnel.  The cases we see can vary in nature and complexity, but we consistently give 100% every day.
Not every day is easy, but I can always leave work knowing I have done my best to care for the health and well-being of my patients during a time when they needed it the most. The generous gift of KimKaps enables us to express who we are as health care providers and individuals, while adding a little color to the workplace!  Thank you for brightening our day while we continue to care for our patients.

July 19, 2015

Medical Mission: Bolivia

Thank you for your generous gift of caps that were given to the personnel of Clinica Prosalud Cochabamba, the hospital that hosts our surgical group.  This past May, MIMA traveled from Illinois and Florida to Bolivia.  

   With the help of two surgeons, and multiple medical personnel volunteering their time, we performed 52 surgeries in six days to help under served patients.  The recipients of your generous gift were excited and proud to come to work everyday with their beautiful surgical caps.
Thank you again.
Lisa vargas RN

July 6, 2015

KimKaps Ambassador: Caitlin

In May we started our Ambassador program, customers could email their order number during that month and be entered for a chance to win 8 KimKaps in the styles of their choice and in an exclusive fabric that was only for our Ambassadors.
We chose 5 KimKappers for that month and here's what Caitlin had to say about her experience:
As anesthesiologist assistant students we are always on the go from the OR to class and back at it the next day.  We spend our free time studying and preparing for our cases in order to learn how to treat our current and future patients to the best of our ability.  During our time in school and in the OR we can tend to get stuck in a scrub rut of wearing the same ciel blue all the time.  We love our KimKaps because they give us the opportunity to stand out and express our style and personality all while upholding our professional appearances.  KimKaps come in so many cute patterns and a variety of styles that there is something to fit everyone's needs.  We want to thank KimKaps for choosing us as the June ambassadors for their brand and we can't wait to wear them and share them with our classmates!!