May 15, 2015

Friday Feature: Rachel, Certified Surgical Technologist

 My name is Rachel and I'm a Certified Surgical Technologist. I work at a small community hospital in my hometown. We have 5 OR rooms, 2 endoscopy suites, and an additional OR used just for C-sections. A typical day for me starts at 6:45 am and goes until 3:15 pm. Any additional cases added after that is done by the crew on-call for the day. I scrub a variety of specialties that include ENT, Plastics, GYN, General, Ortho, C-sections, and endoscopies. At 6:45 am, I find out what cases I'm scrubbing for the day and who my staff is. I head to my OR, do a quick damp dusting of the room, and grab my case cart for the first case of the day. After opening all sterile supplies I scrub, gown and glove, and begin setting up for my case. Depending on what specialty I'm scrubbing for the day, determines how many cases I do that day. I'm also responsible for getting my instruments to CS, cleaning and turning over my OR, outdating and putting supplies away, and pulling cases and supplies for the next day. I also sterilize endoscopes. I love my job! I love that every day is different and brings it's own rewards and challenges, and I love my surgeons and co-workers. We're all a close knit group and work well together. 

May 8, 2015

Friday Feature: Heather, Surgical Tech

I love coming to work and helping others. I work in a small town hospital where I work in the OR and in Central Supply, I pick instruments from the rest of the hospital and the OR, clean and wrap them, set up for my cases for the day which are surgical and scopes, then after all the cases are finished we get the OR ready for the next day. My OR team is the best I couldn't ask for a better team, we're like a big family.

Thanks Heather!
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May 5, 2015

The Possibilities are Endless with Custom Embroidery!

Here's a quick run through on how to personalize your KimKap with our Custom Embroidery option:
First, visit and Shop for KimKaps 
You'll need to select the style you'd like and then the fabric.
When you click on the fabric, you'll see this:
 Click on Add custom embroidery and you'll have these options:
 Here are examples of the available fonts and monograms to choose from:
 You can also see examples of the placement and color options when you're checking out.Please keep the following in mind when selecting the color of the embroidery:
*It's best to choose a contrasting thread color to offset the embroidery so that it doesn't blend in too much with the color or print of the fabric.
 *If you've chosen one of the busier prints, embroidery may not be the best option for that particular Kap and you may want to add it to something else or select one of the bolder fonts:
Custom Embroidery is a fun and creative way to further express yourself and add even more personality and flair to your scrub caps!
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May 4, 2015

Medical Mission: San Jose

The trip went great! We set up free clinics at a local church and went around the villages door to door asking if anyone was sick in the home. After a few hours of that we actually were able to go back to the clinic site and start to treat patients. 
We saw about 70 patients during the free clinic and were able to help treat many of them. Along with the clinic our group also did a community day where all of the kids from the community were invited to come and we had a day of games and bonding in our scrubs so that the children had a positive experience with people in scrubs so that they wont be afraid of medical professionals. 
We also spent a day at a local nursing home to help take vital signs and talk to the elderly that lived there. One of my favorite places that we visited though was going to a home for teenaged girls who have had children and have not made it through high school. These girls ranged from ages 12-17 and all of them had at least one child. Over all there were about 60 girls and 72 children at this facility.
  While there, we talked with the girls and asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up and had a Q and A for them to see what it is like to go to college and be a student nurse. We had them share their hopes and dreams with us while they got to take a break from their schooling. After, we went and helped to take care of the children while their mothers were trying to finish up their education. 
Overall it was a fantastic trip and I feel that we touched the lives of many all while having our hearts touched as well.
Thank you so much for your donation! After the trip ended we all donated them to local hospitals and clinics in the San Jose area.
University Of Maine
Nursing Major
Class of 2017

May 1, 2015

Friday Feature: Jeanette, OR Nurse

My name is Jeanette and I've been an Operating Room Nurse since 2007.  I gotta admit, I truly love my job and I wouldn't change all of the experiences and heartaches for anything in the world!! 
My duties include to scrub or circulate the cases assigned to me and work with different Doctors, Nurses, ScrubTechs, at times it's really hard to keep up with everyone's personalities!!!! Ive been blessed to learn how to run cases in pediatrics, Eyes, Robotics,Gynecology, Urology, Orthopedic and Neurology!!!! We set them up, break them down, make sure everyone's happy...then start all over again!!!!  
We all have those happy moments..and sad moments at times, but somehow something in us manages to push it all aside and keep us smiling!!!! This is my Life... what God always meant it to be!!!  Thanks for letting me share. 
BTW...awesome kaps,Im in Loveeee! 

Thanks Jeanette!
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April 24, 2015

Friday Feature: Jenny, RN

 Hi, my name is Jenny and I'm an RN in surgery. 
A typical day for me starts at 7am until 1530 with call throughout the week. I mainly work general surgery cases, OB-gyn cases, urology and vascular. 
It takes great critical thinking skills, teamwork and communication skills! 
My favorite part of my job is my great co-workers and the array of different and interesting cases we do here at the hospital;)

Thanks so much, Jenny!

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April 17, 2015

Friday Feature: Dana, RCIS

 Dana, RCIS (Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist)
A typical shift is 10-12 hours in the Cath Lab and Peripheral Lab.
My skills are putting stents in the heart, carotids, kidneys and other vessels, extracting blood clots ,and drilling calcified lesion within the heart.
What I love most about my job is saving lives. It is very rewarding work to stop a heart attack and restore blood flow by opening blocked arteries. It is also wonderful restoring blood flow in a patient's leg to prevent amputation. 
I love my KimKaps. I wear them all the time and get compliments on them daily. 

Thanks so much, Dana!
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April 10, 2015

Friday Feature: Linda, CST

Linda is a CST and sometimes she's at The Birthing Center doing C Sections all day. Linda has been a CST for 12 years and works in the OR covering the Obstetrics department as well. 
She has been a Kim Kap user for 10 years !!!
A typical day for her in the birthing center is to arrive by 6:45, go over case carts, pull suture for Dr preference. 
She scrubs 3-4 C sections before lunch and a C section with tubal ligation after a lunch break. She then picks case carts for the following day and go over Dr preference cards for following day!
Thanks Linda, and thanks for being such a loyal KimKapper!

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April 3, 2015

Friday Feature: Jessica, Certified Surgical Technologist

 I work day shift Mon-Friday at a Plastic Surgeon surgery center. Skills required are education from a program to become a Surgical Technologist. Certification isn't required but very preferred! Basic instrument skills and sterile technique on how to properly scrub.
I love plastics! The idea to recreate someone's look is amazing! I also love helping breast cancer patients! It is a very rewarding job!

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March 31, 2015

Medical Mission: Haiti

We received these photos from a KimKapper who recently traveled to Haiti on a Medical Mission. She trained local nurses and took along some KimKaps to help brighten things up a bit. If you'd like to receive a donation of Kaps for your upcoming Medical Mission, email us at with your name, shipping address, and where/when you're going.